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Gisli Sursson in Tjarnarbio

GÝsli Sursson will be in Reykjavik 2019
GÝsli Sursson will be in Reykjavik 2019

Gisli Sursson the award-winning Icelandic saga theatre play will be performed in English in Tjarnarbio Reykjavik. Shows will be in january and february. Tickets on tix.is 


Gisli Sursson in Tjarnarbíó Reykjavík the dates:

January: 7, 14, 22

February: 5, 12, 25

Every show starts at 20.00 o'clock

Tickets on www.tix.is 


The play Gísli Súrsson is based on the great Icelandic saga, The Saga of Gísli Súrsson, which is one of the most famous and popular of all the sagas. Gísli Súrsson was a great Icelandic Viking that came from Norway at a young age and moved to Haukadalur in the Westfjords of Iceland. Everything is peaceful there to begin with, but that peace will not last. As the story unfolds that peace is shattered and a time of great unrest follows.

Gísli Súrsson first premiered in 2005 and has been performed over 350 times in Iceland and all across Europe, including performances in Albania, Germany, Luxemburg and Norway. The play has won awards at two international theatre festivals.

Performance length: 55 minutes

Actor: Elfar Logi Hannesson

Script: Elfar Logi Hannesson and Jón St. Kristjánsson

Sets: Jón St. Kristjánsson and Marsibil G. Kristjánsdóttir

Costumes: Marsibil G. Kristjánsdóttir

Director: Jón St. Kristjánsson